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It's All About Timing! When To Choose The "Best Time" To Visit Walt Disney World

Updated: May 15, 2021

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” – Winnie The Pooh

“When is the best time to visit Walt Disney World”?

That question is best answered if you have kids busy with school activities or not.

Weather-wise: late October to March is ideal - although January can get chilly (might not get many pool days). If you wait until summer break I hope you can bear the heat: it’s hot. Like, hot. Like, core of the sun hot especially with the humidity.

I have lots of teacher friends and they are pretty passionate about not pulling out your kids from school to visit Disney.

I have alot of parent friends who feel going to Disney is educational!

That’s all a personal decision so only YOU can answer that.

My personal FAVORITE time is always during the winter holidays: the decorations and castle projections are amazing on Cinderella’s Castle!

PLUS: I don’t care for the heat. We went over the 4th of July a few years back and although it was an amazing experience I swear it was so incredibly hot I melted into the pavement!

For YOUR family it will depend on your school schedule (sports, academics) and then weather.

Visiting during Spring is a close second for me because I’m pretty burned out on the winter weather up north so transporting myself to a spring wonderland at the International Flower & Garden Festival at EPCOT is such a boost!

If you CAN - try and get an “excused” absence and get homework “to go”. Another educational angle is EPCOT with the World Showcase. There are films at quite a few pavilions that will help educate your children on the world around them (all without a passport!).

However if you’re going to stick to a school schedule I would always recommend first thing on summer break - late May and early June are a great time to visit (I’m not going to lie: it’s still hot)!

Tips For A Fun Summer Disney Vacation:

  • Take A Neck Fan! There are plenty to choose from!

  • “Cooling Towels” are all the rage: we keep them in icy cold ziplocs

  • Take A Midday Break: Head to your pool and cool off and go back when the sun has set.

  • Plan Meals Around Midday: I always plan a “sit down” restaurant around 1. Cool off and recharge!

  • Ride Something Inside: Many attractions are shows INSIDE with nice, cool airconditioning!

Planning the “perfect week” will never happen: kids have activities and school and weather will never cooperate - so find a happy medium!

Magically Yours,


PS Next week I’m going to talk about something everyone knows about but doesn’t TALK about: How EXPENSIVE Disney can be - and ways to “save”!

If you’re ready to visit the Most Magical Place On Earth then CLICK HERE for a no-obligation quote!

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