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John's Travel Update September 1, 2023

Thanks for reading more! I have some great updates for you - take a look!

Disneyland Packages Now Available For 2024!

That's right: Disneyland has opened up reservations for 2024 and I'm here to get you there!

If you have never been to the "Happiest Place On Earth" - we need to talk. If you've dreaded Walt Disney World because of the heat and long days, Disneyland is your answer! Both Disneyland Resorts and Good Neighbor Hotels are INCREDIBLY close to the two parks: Disneyland Park and Disney's California Adventure! No crazy long bus rides - I can get you just steps from the fun.

A "Park-Hopper" ticket is a "no-brainer" here - the two parks are separated by a small esplanade and if you're feeling like it's a bit too crowded where you're at: head to the other park!

Want to meet "The Avengers"? You can do that right here - but not at Walt Disney World (due to legal constraints)!

Plus, there are unique shows found ONLY at Disneyland! My favorite part of a Disneyland Vacation? The WEATHER! Unlike Florida, you're not going to melt in August. Thanks to a temperate climate, it's a breeze to enjoy a longer day in the parks.

CLICK HERE and let's get started!

LOW, LOW Package

Rates To Mexico!

This secret will NOT last: but thanks to new air service from Chicagoland to Cancun - I can find some pretty amazing packages to Cancun/Riviera Maya from now until mid-February!

How Good?

A family of four can head down between Christmas and spend New Year's Even in Mexico at a several great all-inclusive resorts for AT or UNDER $6,000 total. FOR SEVEN NIGHTS!!!!

This RARELY happens! The flights are on a low-cost carrier - so you'll need to spring a little for seat assignments and checked bags, but I haven't seen rates this low and they WILL NOT LAST. Reminder: it's a low-cost carrier - so that DOES come with a whole set of risks (READ: I will make you purchase travel insurance!) But if you can suffer with crummy leg room, you'll spend a nice holiday on the beach!

CLICK HERE and I'll get started locking in your vacation!

Save Big On

Virgin Voyages

It's no huge secret that I love Virgin Voyages - this cruise line has swept all the major awards due to its innovative "spin" on cruising - one that focuses a bit more on sustainability and the fact that it's adults-only.

Virgin Voyages is offering a VERY limited time sale for voyages into 2024 - and it's one to take a look at! Save UP TO $900 on your cruise PLUS score up to $600 in on-board drinks during this Labor Day Sale!

My Favorite Spot: The Dock!

Where can you sail? You name it: Greece, The Mediterranean, Mexico, The Caribbean and even Australia! No pesky specialty restaurant "upcharges", fair pricing on drinks (a $7 glass of wine on a cruise ship is unheard of!) plus the price you pay INCLUDES gratuities - so no worrying about all those extra fees after you book. I'm heading off to the Caribbean on my third Virgin Voyages cruise in October.

Have a group of friends you want to sail with? Contact me for special pricing!

CLICK HERE to book YOUR Virgin Voyages cruise! Before this deal SAILS away!

Thanks for reading! Have a great month!

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