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Set Sail The Virgin Way

Inspired by the modern luxury of yachting and the romance of the open ocean, Virgin Voyages has created their very own boutique hotel at sea - with no kids, no ordinary experiences and no reason to stay home!

Taking cues from the best international cities, Virgin Voyages has created a getaway at sea with the perfect balance of uptown meets downtown - where paths diverge and choice is an artistic part of the journey.

Combining the warmth and luxury of a yacht with countless options of a much larger ship - Virgin Voyages designed an elevated and intimate environment that inspires personal and experiential connections.

Virbrant conversation over homemade pasta and (multiple!) bottles of Chianti. Immersive performances with (amazing elaborate) circus twists. Fitness classes you'd NEVER dream of taking back home.

And something never seen at sea: Champagne delivered right to you and your friends with a shake of the app (no joke!). 

Virgin Voyages experiences aim to connect you - to people, places and paths you never thought to wander!



Take 55% Off Your Second Sailor!

Book By February 28, 2023

Take 55% off your partner when you set sail on select itineraries through March 2024! 

Restrictions Apply

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Book Early
& Save!

Save Even More When You Book Early!

Book your voyage ahead of time and get rewarded:

  • 180 days or more: Save 10%

  • 179 - 121 days: Save 5%


No Hidden Fees - No Surprises!

No More Sticker Shock!

All Virgin Voyages Cruises Come With:

  • Free Wifi

  • Tips Included

  • All Food Included

  • Group Workouts

  • Basic Bevvies


adult by design

No kids, no kidding!


But your inner-child is highly encouraged to come along.


dose of vitamin "sea"

For the ‘do nothings,’ the ‘do somethings’ and the ‘do everythings,’ their approach to well-being is to do whatever works best for you.


With free group workouts and outdoor fitness spaces (the first of its kind on the open ocean), Virgin Voyages is redefining how to take care of yourself at sea.

At Redemption Spa, a haven of tranquility and self-preservation, you can melt away in the mudroom, detox in the salt room or float in the wellness pools until you’ve stopped aging entirely!


Dining options for days

In partnering with famed restaurateurs and Michelin-Starred chefs from NYC, Virgin Voyages has ditched buffets and pre-set dining times to bring you made-to-order food and leisurely brunches from 20+ unique eateries — with a bar in every specialty one.


All the food is ‘On Us’ - meaning no exclusive spots you have to pay to get into.

Pairing fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors with ever-evolving menus while minimizing waste by only cooking what’s been ordered — it’s a win for your stomach and a win for the planet.

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