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Let’s Talk SNACKS!

Updated: May 15, 2021

I don’t know about you but when I’m on vacation I don’t necessarily “meal prep” or worry about those pesky calories. YOLO, right?

So what are some fun snacks you can get at Walt Disney World?

I have a controversial opinion so hear me out first!

Try SNACKING your way through Disney during the day and enjoy a nice meal later in the day.

There are some AMAZING sit-down restaurants but I’m not going to talk about that today. When I’m IN the parks I like to keep “on the go” - so here are some fun smaller items to keep you full while you enjoy the attractions!

Magic Kingdom Park

  • Pizza or Hamburger Spring Rolls

    • This sounds like a terrible idea but these spring rolls (found near the entrance to Adventureland - and it moves locations so you need to keep an eye out) are amazing!

  • Loaded Tots

    • You can’t go wrong with creamy bacon and macaroni and cheese on top of tater tots! Find this at Friar’s Nook located near the Carousel at Fantasyland

  • Cinnamon Roll

    • This cinnamon roll can feed your family (located in Gaston’s Pub in Fantasyland) and it’s pretty much enough sugar for the day!


  • This one is the quickest: because of the rolling festivals I’d say stick with the World Showcase food booths.

  • If you HAPPEN to be there between festivals - each country has a booth with amazing "small plates" - all perfect for snacking on the go!

Disney's Hollywood Studios

  • Woody’s Lunchbox is my #1 snack spot! Technically a “quick serve” restaurant - this location doesn’t have a ton of seating so you’ll need to eat “on the go”. I LOVE the breakfast bowl (in the morning) or a grilled cheese always hits the spot! Oh wait - the totchos! Amazing!

  • Star Wars fan? People have strong feelings about “Ronto Wraps” - they don’t come with sides and they’re described as a “glorified hot dog”. That’s probably selling it short. It’s tasty! Just not a big food item.

  • Baseline Tap House has a wonderful assortment of food and beer and is great for a power break!

Disney's Animal Kingdom

  • Hands down the most popular snack is the Pongu Lumpia: Pineapple Cream Cheese Spring Roll. You’re welcome!

  • The Buffalo Chicken Chips at Trilo-Bites in Dinoland are amazing!

  • Loaded Dole Whip in Africa! This dessert is for adults only - take a traditional Dole Whip and add some rum!

Writing this is sort of like asking me to pick my favorite child: they’re ALL my favorite!

Magically Yours,


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