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When (and where) To Save Money On Your Vacation

Updated: May 15, 2021

“Even miracles take a little time.” – Fairy Godmother (Cinderella)

Holy Cow! Disney Is Expensive!

There’s no way to “sugar coat” this one: Disney is expensive. A coke in a cute R2-D2-looking bottle will set you back 6 bucks!

Because Disney has temporarily halted the amazing Disney Dining program: it’s more important than ever to think of easy ways to help reduce the sticker shock of a Disney vacation!

Here’s are some easy money-saving tips:

  • Find a discount on the resort stay!

    • Typically Disney will offer SOME kind of discount on your resort stay. Some may require you to use a Disney branded VISA card - but they are out there!

    • As your Travel Agent: it’s MY job to find those discounts. They may require you to change room types or resorts - but those options can be a huge plus.

  • How HUNGRY are you?

    • This is a personal questions but there is NO rule that an adult cannot order a child’s meal. In some restaurants the children's meal is plenty of food for a lunch or breakfast. They’re much more affordable!

  • Use Disney Gift Cards

    • This may require a LITTLE bit of effort and planning.

    • Gift cards can be used virtually everywhere! Except some carts in the parks.

    • Wholesale warehouses will discount. Certain credit cards offer bonuses on top of the warehouse discount.

    • You need to figure out the math and whether your time is worth it. At a minimum you could use a RED Card at Target and get 5% off.

  • Bring snacks!

    • Your resort room will have a small fridge: use it!

    • Order via Instacart or Amazon Prime and take snacks/lunch to the park.

    • Cheese sticks, fruit, and water bottles are all allowed!

    • We often buy our breakfast items and eat those “on the go” like granola bars and bananas.

  • Purchase SOME souvenirs ahead of time!

    • Some intrepid parents will purchase stuffies and some souvenirs prior to arrival and dole them out as the trip goes on.

    • This can work SOMETIMES. Disney isn’t stupid: those gift shops are teeming with sparkly toys and cute stuffed animals for a reason!

    • If you are going to purchase: look for the larger gift shops (Main Street Emporium in Magic Kingdom) and see what offers they have on items. Frequently you can find a discount on purchasing multiple items (t-shirts, stuffed animals, Minnie Ears).

Accepting the fact that a Disney vacation will be pricey is something I tell ALL my clients to accept. That said: the memories and magic you experience is well worth it!

Magically Yours,


PS Next week you won’t want to miss my tips on Disney snacks!

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