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What’s It Like At Walt Disney World Right Now?

Updated: May 15, 2021

When I introduce myself and people find out I’m a travel agent specializing in Disney destinations I’m usually asked: “Wow, what is it like at Disney right now?”

And the answer is….it’s complicated!

Here’s the good news: the magic is definitely there! When you enter Magic Kingdom Park (for example) there are characters waiting for you above at the train station waving and greeting you! My kids were THRILLED to have Rapunzel shouting “hello!” back at them!

More good news: there are fewer crowds. Have you been to Disney World before? It could get VERY crowded. But due to capacity limits there is plenty of room to stroll and not feel like you were about to be run down OR you were about to collide with someone!

MORE good news: sometimes the ride queues are much shorter than the posted time. This is something you see quite a bit: the posted “wait time” will read 60 minutes and you’re on and off the attraction in 30 minutes! Although not official: it’s often said that Disney is keeping those times deliberately higher so they can pad time for cleaning of the rides.

So what are the “downsides” of a Disney vacation right now?

I’m not going to lie: wearing a mask in line can be a drag, especially for kids. If you’re thinking of going in the summer – bring a second set of masks to change into. I’ve gone quite a bit and the disposable masks are much easier to tolerate in the summer months.

And some BETTER NEWS: As of May 15, 2021: Disney is relaxing restrictions on the mask rules - you will be allowed to remove your mask outdoors unless you are in an attraction queue, indoors or on any transportation.

To keep crowds spaced out there are no firework shows. Is it a drag? Sort of. But on the flip side Disney has been doing short “burst” fireworks at Magic Kingdom. It’s a great surprise but if you’re used to the giant firework shows – you might be disappointed. If you stay at a Disney Resort they will broadcast a fireworks show at night! Over and over! My kids LOVED that – and I loved not having to deal with a meltdown with two tired kids after a show.

I do think the GOOD outweighs the negative right now – because at the end of the day you will spend a happy, positive day with your family!

I hope you’ll “tune in” next week where I catch you up on “Magic Bands” and whether or not you need them!

Wishing you a week of pixie dust!

Magically Yours,


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