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All About Disney Cruise Line

Updated: May 15, 2021

People have some VERY strong opinions about cruising the high seas: they either LOVE it, or LOATHE it.

And I get it - being on a ship in the ocean can seem like a less than exciting adventure.

However: a Disney Cruise Line cruise is a VERY different cruise experience.

Imagine a vacation where you can actually RELAX. Somewhere your kids can go and be kids and play and meet new friends and you rest and enjoy some sun (and adult beverages if that’s your jam!). Now imagine that but surrounded by Disney characters!

I’m describing a Disney Cruise Line vacation. I know I mentioned it before, but my family has been Annual Passholders at Walt Disney World for over 4 years and I don’t regret a minute of it. But two years ago we took our first Disney Cruise Line vacation.

And it changed my whole perspective on Disney. There were no “lines” to meet characters. The meet and greets were constant and varied. Some events were ticketed with scheduled times - so we met Anna & Elsa at a set time. They even have a “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique” onboard where our daughter transformed into a princess and out son was a knight (they still talk about this today!).

I personally had been to the three port of calls on the itinerary so we ended up staying on the ship - which was amazing. There were even FEWER people so the kids went down the water slide probably 100 times. The Oceaneer Club (where your littles go) was open so the kids wanted to go hang out there - they decorated cookies, met Buzz and Woody and played in “Andy’s Bedroom”. Plus they met some Avengers!

Meanwhile this tired Dad went to the spa!

We went on a weeklong cruise and it was the BEST time. The cabins are family-friendly with tubs in the bathroom (not just showers) so it was perfect - and a privacy curtain in the cabin meant bedtime didn’t end up making the parents go to “hotel jail” when you’re in a classic cabin on other ships!

The food didn’t disappoint - we danced with Tiana, boogied with Mickey and laughed with Ariel.

Plus: Disney Cruise Line offers a premium restaurant (or two and even three!) that was probably one of the top culinary experiences of my lifetime (and I’ve been to some amazing restaurants!).

When asked: I always tell families if you want all that Disney “magic” then take the cruise.

A couple things to note: there are no “rides” except the slides. So if you want to feel the rush of Space Mountain you’ll be disappointed. Also, a Disney Cruise Line trip can be more expensive upfront - but when you add in food at Walt Disney World they are surprisingly comparable.

I could go on and on - but you get my drift. After a Disney Cruise Line vacation your feet won’t ache from all the walking - you’ll be so rested!

Magically Yours,


PS Don’t miss next week when I talk about “the perfect age” to go to Disney!

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