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John's Weekly Travel Update March 18, 2022

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

It was a VERY quiet week when it comes to Disney: but I do have some fun things to share!


Although it probably doesn't feel like it - 2023 is RIGHT around the corner, and with it comes a new year of adventures at Walt Disney World in beautiful Florida!

Because we've all been struggling through a pandemic - demand for travel is at an ALL TIME HIGH. I am struggling finding rooms for clients in October.

This is my sage advice: PLAN AHEAD.

The hardest part is picking the dates you want to travel (especially if you're working around a school schedule). After that - let me take care of the hard part!

It's only a $200 REFUNDABLE deposit - which means this is a LOW RISK way to hold a vacation - and you're locking in the ticket cost at TODAY'S pricing (and trust me: ticket prices will go up!).

CLICK HERE and I can add you to my 2023 Waitlist - I have quite a few families all ready to go - they're just waiting on Disney to release the packages. Of course, quotes are no-obligation and it doesn't hurt to plan ahead!


"John, I need to go somewhere warm!"

I get this call. A lot! And I get it: who DOESN'T want to go to a beautiful beach with a frosty drink in your hand?

Where do you start? There are literally HUNDREDS of resorts all vying for your hard-earned travel dollars. However, not all are the same!

So where do you start? I'm here to help! Check out this VERY handy guide by CLICKING HERE.

This guide will help step you through the major beach locations and options that are out there. This guide is fantastic to showcase some of the major resorts I'm sure you've heard about - and I guarantee it will help you decide where to go!

Let's chat about it! I'm free weekdays and it's easy to set up a Discovery Call!


Experienced travelers have their packing essentials list down to a science. They know exactly what to pack, how to pack it to maximize space, and how to mix and match pieces for multiple looks!

However, considering factors like weather, planned activities, and landscapes when packing can make anyone feel overwhelmed. That’s why avid traveler Caitlin Hornik has compiled a list of the must-pack wardrobe staples for any vacation! These items are true essentials, regardless of your destination. Read on and let us help you properly prepare for all of your upcoming trips!

1. Packable Raincoat

Raincoats are an essential, because who likes getting caught in the rain (without a pina colada)?! A packable raincoat is a step up because of the extra room you’ll have for souvenirs in your suitcase. The compact nature of a packable raincoat means it’s perfect for keeping handy in your backpack throughout your trip!

2. Comfy Sneakers

This should go without saying, but I figured I’d remind you anyway! There are few vacations you can take that don’t involve walking. Your go-to pair of sneakers should match your wardrobe and provide sufficient support. Whether you're strolling the streets of Sicily or hiking the Scottish Highlands, you want to be stlyish, supported, and comfy!

Pro tip: If you’re buying a new pair of sneaks for your next trip, break them in before you get to your destination. Nothing puts more of a damper on a trip than shoe-related blisters!

3. T-shirts

Plain or patterned t-shirts are an excellent wardrobe staple. Keep ‘em casual during the day, then dress them up with accessories at night. Pair them with different accessories, layer them with coats or cardigans, and your Instagram followers won’t even realize!

4. Scarves

Use as a pillow on the plane, as a fashion statement, or for a photo opp! Bringing one or a few different scarves can go a long way. A scarf can pull an outfit together to give you a cozy yet polished look. Patterned scarves can really make a plain top pop! Mix and match with your t-shirts (see above!) for truly endless outfit combinations!

5. Leggings

From airplanes, to in-destination yoga classes, to hiking, to curling up by the hotel’s fireplace, you absolutely need some comfort in your travel wardrobe. Investing in a really good pair of leggings gives you the upper hand. Ideally, you want a pair that you can wear a few times throughout your trip. Do your research to find the best brand for your budget, and consider the types of activities your trips consist of before buying!

6. Bathing Suit

You’re traveling to Copenhagen in January, so a bathing suit is totally unnecessary, right? Wrong! You’ll be super bummed if you get to your hotel and discover that it has an incredible hot tub and sauna, but forgot to pack your bathing suit! You never know where and when the opportunity to swim or soak will strike, so it’s best to always be prepared. Packing a swimsuit on every trip is a smart move. That way, you’ll never be without one when spontaneity calls!

7. Denim Jacket

Let’s be real for a second. Anyone who doesn’t already have a denim jacket in their wardrobe is missing out! A truly versatile wardrobe staple, denim jackets are the perfect accessory piece for any trip. From chilly nights by the water to early morning hikes and everything in between, a solid denim jacket will keep you comfy, warm, and in style!

For those who feel that a denim jacket is too bulky but want a similar look, consider denim shirt! Another perfect layering piece and accessory, denim shirts are more lightweight. This, too, can be easily paired with almost anything you choose to bring on your trip.

8. Black Jeans

The perfect day-to-night staple! Wear your black jeans with sneakers and a t-shirt during the day, then throw on a pair of heels and your denim jacket (see above) for a perfectly polished evening look!

I know there are so many factors to consider when packing for a trip, but these items are true wardrobe staples that can make your life way easier! Consider also the pieces you wear on a regular basis-- The pieces that make your heart smile and that help you feel authentically “you!” Don’t overlook these when packing. See which of those pieces fit into your chosen color pallette, or choose the rest of your wardrobe around those one or two items! Happy packing!

THAT'S IT! Thanks for reading! If you're ready to start planning - CLICK HERE and let's get started!

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