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John's Travel Update September 9, 2022

There is a LOT to cover this week! From amazing deals on worldly travels to cruises - get ready!

Rare Disney Cruise Line Discount

This doesn't really happen often: Disney Cruise Line is offering an exclusive offer for Disney+ subscribers.

3rd and 4th guests are FREE when sailing with 2 full-fare guests.

That basically means if you're a family of 4 - your kids will sail FREE. This isn't some single cruise either - it's from January 2023 - April 2023 (with a few popular spring break cruises excluded). Availability is VERY limited and many cruises are selling out already. CLICK HERE for the details and to get started!

Bucket List Trip For Under $1,700 Per Person INCLUDING Airfare!

Have you ever dreamed of exploring Machu Picchu? It's definitely on my list and this is a deal - but only until September 11!

This isn't a traditional "escorted" tour - but it DOES include some tours (and you can always customize and upgrade these tours). This is a 9-day tour of Peru - "Sacred Land Of The Incas" and it's a fantastic way to explore Peru and Machu Picchu!

The pricing includes airfare from Chicago's O'Hare in economy class and you head to Lima, Peru and spend two days exploring this amazing city. After two days, you'll head to Cuzco, the former Incan capital and transfer to the Sacred Valley on the way to Awanakancha (no guide, only driver).

From there you'll head off to Machu Picchu via train service (upgrade to 360 degree train car available).

You'll then go back to Cuzco and the Sacred Valley. A day later enjoy a half-day tour of Cuzco.

Here's why I love this type of touring: I don't like being herded around the entire time and rushed by a tour guide. This type of touring is PERFECT if you want to research ahead of time WHAT you want to see. Escorted tours aren't MY jam (although if they're yours, I know a few AMAZING companies) so this type of touring and vacationing really appeals to me.

This tour only operates on select dates - it starts at around $1,699 per person WITH airfare and is available to book through December 2023 (so there's no rush to go next month!).

CLICK HERE for a free quote!

Virgin Voyages Changes To Vaccination Protocols

In keeping in line with the rest of the travel industry, Virgin Voyages has updated their guidelines to make all voyages open to everyone — including guests who are unvaccinated.

With these changes - ALL guests, regardless of vaccination status, will be welcome to discover Virgin Voyages.


• All Guests (no matter their vaccination status) are welcome on board

• Policy updates begin on 09/18/22 for all Valiant Lady voyages

• Policy updates begin on 09/21/22 for all Scarlet Lady voyages

• Virgin Voyages is still requiring that all Crew be fully vaccinated

• Unvaccinated guests are required to bring a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72-hours, or at the terminal for a fee of $30 on their embarkation date

• Fully vaccinated Sailors do not require testing (as of 7/27/22 on all ships)

Those are JUST a few of the amazing new things happening in the world of travel! I'd love to post more but I am swamped assisting my clients with their dream vacations! Contact me today and let's get started on YOUR vacation!

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