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John's Travel Update December 2, 2022

As the year comes to a close, it's a great time for some self-reflection and goal-setting for 2023. Do you do that as well? I normally set business goals but I might switch it up this year! Alright: check out what I found interesting this week!

End Of An Era At Walt Disney World But A NEW Attraction Awaits!

A long time ago, at a press conference far, far was announced that "Splash Mountain" would be revamped into a new attraction: "Tiana's Bayou Adventure".

There was quite a bit of online bluster about it: Disney "traditionalists" don't tend to like change and as cute as some of the characters are in "Splash" - the source material is problematic (at best). It centers around a movie "Song Of The South" that was released in the 1940's. In the movie, Uncle Remus tells tales of Brer Rabbit (basically everyone is named Brer-something). James Baskett received an honorary Academy Award for his portrayal of Uncle Remus, dispenser of life-lessons for Bobby Driscoll’s Johnny, who moves from Atlanta to his grandmother’s plantation.

Although "Splash Mountain" was opened in 1989, it became clear to Disney executives that it needed to change. "Song Of The South" was never even released domestically on VHS/Laserdisc/DVD nor can you find it streaming on any service, let alone Disney+.

The good news is a new era awaits with "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" scheduled to open in 2024! This attraction will take you on a journey inspired by the story and characters from the hit film, picking up where that story left off! "Splash Mountain" will close on January 23, 2023 at Walt Disney World.

Black Friday Sale Through December 6! Mexico & Caribbean ON SALE!

These rates are pretty fantastic! Enjoy deep discounts on vacations in Mexico and Caribbean at El Dorado Resorts, Margaritaville Resorts and Azul AND Nickelodeon Resorts in both Mexico and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). Enjoy room upgrades and tons of extras like 2-for-1 candlelight dinners and SPA deals!

"What about those crazy airfare prices?" Well, thanks to a slowing economy: there are some pretty fantastic airfares to Mexico and the Caribbean during NON-PEAK times! Contact me today at for more details!

Cruise Deals A Go-Go!

Last week, I took my family on (what I can only describe) as the cruise from Hell. Now, did anyone die? No. Will I ever encourage anyone to sail on that particular line? Absolutely not. The food was mediocre (I'm being generous), the entertainment dismal but the service was good! I'm not going to name the cruise line - but they had asked me to sail with them again to "enjoy their ship". Well, I didn't. And that's fine! That's why I take the risk and sail on ships so I can tell YOU my experiences and why I think (or don't think) they might be a good fit for you and your family.

So let's talk cruise deals: with Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Made Up Holiday, now is a great time to consider a cruise. Celebrity Cruises is a personal favorite. We sailed a Transatlantic a few years ago and it was so nice. Refined and upscale but definitely not snobby. The new ships are out-of-this-world amazing. They are offering 75% off, plus up to an additional $800 off each cabin plus up to $800 in onboard credit. Is there small print? Yep. Drop me a line and I can fill you in.

Don't want to see kids on a cruise? Try Virgin Voyages. Now TWO ships sail from Miami and both offer amazing itineraries. The ships are full of fantastic food and fun things to do (or not do!). You can tuck away in secluded lounges or party it up on deck with a DJ. Plus, ALL fitness classes are INCLUDED. No crazy restaurant upcharges, either!

For a limited time: Take 50% off your second "sailor" (that means passenger) on your next cruise. Don't have someone to travel with? NO SINGLE SUPPLEMENTS! So sail alone!

I missed last week (I know you were wondering!) because I was trapped on a ship with the slowest internet connection I've ever witnessed. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy (Early) Holidays!

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