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All About Fuel Rods

You're heading to your dream Walt Disney World vacation! You've got your itinerary, dining reservations and (hopefully) some very cute coordinated t-shirts for the entire group!

You're probably also a tad bit worried about Genie+ - and how much time you'll be on your phone during your park days. But it's not JUST about Genie+: with your purchase you also receive incredibly fun filters via SNAP (in the My Disney Experience app), "Audio Tales" where you can listen to music and podcasts while you wait in a queue - plus you'll be using your phone quite a bit checking out where PhotoPass photographers are located AND you'll want to check out those great photos they take.

This means you'll probably drain your battery sooner rather than later.

So what is a "FuelRod"? It's a portable battery that you can swap out for a fully charged battery at kiosks located throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. Normally, these "swaps" cost money: but thanks to a strong relationship between the two companies - swaps are free (but as with everything in life: this is subject to change). Please note: this isn't always the case at airport locations or even over at Universal Studios.

I'll be honest: the actual battery isn't the greatest. It won't quickly recharge your iPhone (or comparable) but the CONVENIENCE might be something you love.

Upon your initial purchase you will receive a battery and three tiny (literally) cables and connectors to help you charge the most common devices you will own (Android/Kindle/iPhone). This all comes packaged in a handy dandy plastic tube where it can be kept all contained. It IS a bit of a "tetris" game trying to get all the small items back in the tube - so get those fine motor skills ready!

Even "plugged in" - I'm able to keep the fuelrod and my phone in my pocket while it is charging. The ONLY drawback is that the fuelrod can get WARM. It's just how these batteries work (well, ALL batteries). So just keep that in mind!

Let's talk about the pros and cons of FuelRods:


  • Your initial FuelRod will come in a clear container with plenty of cables for many devices.

  • You can "swap" the FuelRod at any kiosk at Walt Disney World for free (the new battery is charged and ready to go)

  • They're small and light - so it doesn't take up much space.

  • You'll never have to remember to charge it at night when you're too tired to think!


  • They aren't very strong - so it won't even complete a full charge on a newer iPhone.

  • The cables can stop working if you bend them too much - so keeping them in the plastic tube between uses is pretty important.

  • Not the best value - you can purchase a more powerful battery but you won't be able to swap it.


There is a FuelRod kiosk located in EVERY Walt Disney World Resort! They're typically found off the lobby. In the parks - there are generally more than one you can find.

For Example: in the "Value" resorts they will be found by the arcades. Simply ask ANY Cast Member and they can point you in the right direction.

Or, you can CLICK HERE and you can find ALL the locations. You can also search in the My Disney Experience App by typing "Portable Phone Charging System Kiosks".

That's it! I NEVER thought about needing one UNTIL I was in the parks and forgot my own personal charging cable. I LOVE the fact that the FuelRods come with all the cables included and in a tiny container.

Ready to plan YOUR vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort? CLICK HERE and let's get started!

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