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2022-06-01 - Magic Kingdom Park - Compli

This Is No "Regular" Vacation!

A vacation to a Disney Destination can be a "trip of a lifetime" for many families. There are MANY "moving parts": Dining and special events (dessert parties, etc) are great examples! Because you can book these prior to check-in, it can be difficult to secure those high-demand reservations (Topolino's Terrace or Space 220 at Walt Disney World for example) at the beginning of your vacation booking window.


Why? In the case of Walt Disney World: folks checking in up to 10 days prior to you have had all that time to book those reservations. That said: I do have plenty of tricks up my sleeve when it comes to dining/excursions and special events!

What if you don't need those "hard-to-get" reservations or need extra help? No Problem! If you need a less "hands-on" approach, I offer THREE levels of planning for my clients to fit every need.

Whether you use me as your travel advisor or not: Just make sure you're asking other advisors how frequently they're visiting those Disney destinations. I happen to be an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World and I go (obnoxiously so) frequently to the parks to keep up to date on all the changes in the parks and resorts. I also take PLENTY of Disney Cruises! And I will soon be visiting Aulani in beautiful Hawai'i in addition to the Disneyland Resort!


Not only that: I never overload my schedule with clients. I never have more than 3 families traveling at any given time: I turn down business because I want MY clients to have quality customer service. I'm not into volume sales -  I'm focused on my clients having a memorable time.


Let's talk about how I help you through the process!


  1. Choose The Level Of Service You Want

  2. Pick Your Dates Of Travel (I'm happy to give recommendations if you're avoiding the most crowded times OR you want to visit during a festival or special event)

  3. I hunt down your perfect vacation, we discuss those options and you place your deposit!

  4. If you're Silver or Gold - even more perks!

  5. Get Ready To Vacation!

Here are my levels of service:

BRONZE (free)

  • Assistance with selecting your resort/cruise/tour based on your budget and 'must-haves'.

  • Confirming your resort

  • Stepping you through the entire process with a summary of booking dates plus things that are easy to forget: Like setting up your shuttle to your resort/cruise, stroller info, electric scooters, etc)

  • Easy to read itinerary for your vacation

  • If a discount is launched by Disney: I will automatically check your reservation and will apply the discount - or offer alternatives in case you want to change resorts to take advantage of the discount.


SILVER ($100 service fee)

  • All services in Bronze PLUS

  • Dining Assistance: email reminders of dining dates (Walt Disney World/Disneyland/Disney Cruise) PLUS detailed instructions on how to book dining reservations

  • Tips/tricks/suggestions for each park you'll visit including touring suggestions/excursions

  • Recommendations for dining based on your family and their needs.


GOLD ($250 service fee)

  • All services in Bronze and Silver PLUS

  • This service is where I basically "do it all"!

  • I'll make all requested reservations (dining, parties, extras) - you don't have to wake up before sunrise (unless you want to, of course!).

  • If dining/excursions weren't available at the time - I'll set alerts on multiple systems to find them. If located, I'll book them and text you to let you review to keep or drop.

  • Pre-departure "Strategy Call" where we review your trip and I tailor my recommendations for your family.

  • Availability during your vacation: text/email/call anytime with questions and concerns.


Super busy families tend to "Go for the Gold" since Disney is rather complex and has a ton of moving parts! No matter what you choose - I'm always here to answer your questions!
Please note: service fees are nonrefundable.


I don't want to sound like I'm bragging: but I'm really good at what I do! 


I'm sure you'll hear from lots of travel advisors who say "my services are free". I offer different levels of service for a reason: It allows me to focus on your vacation and I never try and upsell you on a bunch of junk that may make me more money on the back end (in the form of a commission).


Fill out the form below and LET'S GET STARTED! 

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